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28th February 2022 | News, What's New

All the most recent CPSMA guidance, Department of Education circulars, guidance, forms and information notes and wider public health guidance relevant to schools since the introduction of Covid-19 is available here. The documentation is categorised with the most recent guidance first. Including the most recent DE publication on FAQs on face coverings in schools.

Useful Covid-19 Related CPSMA Publications

  1. CPSMA Podcast on Ventilation and Air Cleaning Considerations for Schools 23.12.21
  2. CPSMA Podcast Child Protection Level 1 Requirements as part of Incidental Inspections 23.11.21
  3. CPSMA Podcast on the Return to School 08.21
  4. CPSMA Back to School Information Note 08.21
  5. CPSMA Template risk assessment for pregnant employees
  6. CPSMA Guidance Note in relation to remote Board of Management meetings
  7. CPSMA Guidance and Resources for Recruitment during Covid-19
  8. CPSMA Protocol for school visits of Priests/ School Chaplains during Covid-19

School Year 2021-2022

Dept. Of Education & Govt. Publications (Most Recent First)

  1. HSE advice for management of Covid-19 cases & contacts v1.0 25-02-22
  2. DE Info Note TC 03-22 Changes to parental leave scheme 24-02-2022
  3. DE Info Note 03-22 Covid-19 restriction changes post Feb mid-term break 23-02-22
  4. RO Nóta Faisnéise 03-22 Treoir nuashonraithe do scoileanna maidir le Covid-19 23-02-22
  5. DE Info Note 0002-2022 Changes to Covid-19 leave for Teachers and SNAs 03-02-2022
  6. HSE Covid-19 u13s isolation quick guide v4.3 27.01.22
  7. HSE Covid-19 adults & chn 13+ isolation quick guide v7.1 18.01.21
  8. HSE letter to principals re Covid-19 children 5-11 vaccination programme 27.01.21
  9. DE Information Note 0001-2022 Covid-19 Updated Teachers & SNA Working & Leave Arrangements 18.01.22
  10. DE Circular 42-2021 Covid-19 Teachers & SNA Working & Leave Arrangements
  11. DE email to schools re sourcing face masks-coverings 11.01.22
  12. DE email to Schools on Banking of Hours from January until February Mid-term Break 2022 10.01.22
  13. SET banked hours application form Jan 2022
  14. Information Note SD 0001_06.01.22      RO Nóta Faisnéise SD 0001 2022 06.01.22
  15. HSE post Christmas letter to schools 05.01.21
  16. DE Covid-19 capitation term 2 funding
  17. HSE U13s Covid-19 isolation quick guide v3.4 06.01.22
  18. HSE Adults & chn +13 years Covid-19 isolation guide v6.2 05.01.22
  19. DE Circular 0065-2021 enhanced minor works grant for primary & special schools
  20. Minister Foley announces €62 million minor works grant for primary & special schools 13.12.21
  21. Room air-cleaner guidance for schools 13.12.21
  22. DE FAQs on mask wearing 06-12-21  RO C&F maidir le maisc cumhdaigh aghaidhe 06.12.21
  23. DE guidance on face coverings in primary schools       RO Cumhdaigh aghaidhe i mbunscoileanna
  24. CMO Letter to schools P-OL litir chuig scoileanna
  25. Guidance for parents and pupils on face covering  Eolas do thuismitheoirí agus daltaí maidir le cumhdaigh aghaidhe
  26. DE antigen testing letter to principals 25.11.21      RE litir do phríomhoidí – leananna chun úsáid tástála antaigine 25.11.21
  27. DE antigen testing letter to parents 25.11.21    RE litir do thuismitheoirí – leananna chun úsáid tástála antaigine  25.11.21
  28. Inspectorate Revised Arrangements from 25.11.21       Socruithe Cigearachta Athbhreithnithe ó 25.11.21
  29. Info Note SD 0001-2021 Further Substitution Measures 23.11.21
  30. HSE restricted movement details for household contacts & other circumstances
  31. HSE Covid-19 isolation quick guide 13 years + (updated)
  32. HSE Covid-19 isolation quick guide 3 months to 13 years updated 24.11.21
  33. Circular 0050-2021 Covid19 Operational Supports for primary schools for 2021/2022
  34. FAQs for changes to contact tracing for children 23.09.21
  35. Public Risk Assessment for Special Schools and Classes from 27.09.21
  36. FAQ for parents on contact tracing changes for children
  37. Notice regarding Term 1 Covid-19 Funding 20.09.21  Fógra maidir le tacaíochtaí maoinithe COVID-19 Téarma 1
  38. Updated FAQs for Principal or Designated Contact Person 16.09.21
  39. Circular 0045-2021 CLASS scheme *inc. hours applicable for schools*       Covid Learning & Support Scheme (CLASS) Guidelines
  40. HSE Letter to Principals on Reopening 2021-2022      SP FSS Treoir don Fhilleadh ar an Scoil 2021-2022
  41. Curriculum Guidance for Schools 2021-2022
  42. Covid-19 Response Plan for Primary & Special Schools (PDF & Word versions)
  43. RO  Litir do phríomhoidí 12.08.21                    DE – Letter to Schools 12.08.21
  44. Info Note 18/2021 Temporary Teacher Sub Arrangements & EPV Leave 2021/22 School Year
  45. Government advice on International Travel –
  46. Wellbeing Guidance for-Schools, Parents and Students
  47. September 2021 Back to School Covid-19 Advice for Parents
  48. Video Advice for Parents & Students at Different Levels
  49. Multilingual advice for parents
  50. School Transport Communications to Parents – SEN and Primary
  51. Letter to Parents on Operation of Primary & SEN School Transport Scheme Services 2021/2022 School Year

Summer Programme (School Based) 2021

  1. Primary Summer Programmes Letter to Principals
  2. Summer Programme for Primary Schools
  3. Summer Programme Guidance for Mainstream & Special Schools
  4. DEIS Summer Camps Teacher Handbook
  5. Summer Programme Online Expression of Interest

Summer Programme (Home Based) 2021

  1. Letter to Principals
  2. Overview for Parents, Teachers & SNAs
  3. Guidance for Teaching & Learning
  4. Covid-19 Guidance
  5. Summer Programme Grand Claim Form

School Reopening March 2021 onwards

  1. Letter to Principals re End of Year School Events 2020-2021
  2. Covid-19 Arrangements for Teachers & SNAs Circular 0021/2021
  3. CPSMA checklist for phase 3 of return to primary & special education 01.03.21
  4. CPSMA_FAQs for phase 3 of return to primary & special education 1st March
  5. Letter to principals in advance of March 15th full reopening             Letter to principals 23.02.21
  6. Appendix 1 Framework plan for phased reopening
  7. Appendix 2 HPSC guidance on primary reopening
  8. Appendix 3 Covid-19 Response Plan additions
  9. Info Note 0005/2021 Temp changes to teacher parental leave, unpaid leave & other arrangements
  10. Info Note 0006/2021 Temp changes to SNA parental leave, unpaid leave & other arrangements
  11. Staff Return to Work Form 02.21 **WORD VERSION**           Foirm Filleadh ar an Obair **WORD**
  12. Substitute/Staff Replacement Covid-19 Self-Declaration Form **WORD**
  13. Return to Educational Facility declaration **WORD**                   Foirm Dearbhaithe Tuismitheora **WORD**
  14. Updated ventilation guidance V2
  15. Section 7 Hygiene and Cleaning in School Covid-19 Response Plan appx 9 cleaning checklist
  16. Section 5 Infection Prevention Control Measures -To prevent Introduction and Spread of COVID-19 in Schools
  17. CPSMA Checklist for Phased Return to Education on 1st March 2021
  18. Returning to School – Guidance for Teaching and Learning 3rd to 6th Class
  19. HSE memo to schools on Covid-19 infection control measures
  20. DE FAQs for School Principals March 2021
  21. Letter Re Ancillary Staff who are VHR
  22. Letter Re Ancillary Staff  who are VHR _Irish – 26.07.21

School Buildings Partial Reopening February 2021

  1. CPSMA checklist for schools regarding the partial reopening
  2. Letter to principals
  3. Appendix 1 Framework plan for phased return of primary school education
  4. Appendix-2 Public health advice with focus on special education provision
  5. Appendix-3 Covid-19 Response-Plan additions required by Work Safely Protocol
  6. Appendix 4 Amended Covid-19 Response Plan primary & special schools 02.21 **WORD VERSION**
  7. Appendix 4 Amended Covid-19 Response Plan primary & special schools 02.21 **PDF VERSION**

School Buildings Closure January 2021

  1. Letter to primary and special schools re interim school reopening 15.01.21
  2. School building closure letter for principals 01.21                  Litir do phríomhoidí maidir le dúnadh foirgneamh scoile
  3. Circular 0074/2020 Communication/teaching & learning platform
  4. DE Guidance on remote teaching and learning school year 2020-21
  5. CPSMA guidance on use of digital communication platforms
  6. CPSMA distance learning support links
  7. At risk pupil guidance
  8. SEN pupil guidance
  9. School meals DSP letter
  10. School meals An Post service unavailability
  11. School placement 2020-21 guidance note      Nóta Treorach maidir le socrúchán scoile 2020-21 – An scéala is déana

Return to School September 2020


  1. CPSMA webinar on schools reopening 09.20
  2. CPSMA webinar with HSE segments – Schools Pathway for Covid-19 20.09.20

All Other Guidance

  1. HSE & HPSC interim recommendations for the reopening of schools and education facilities
  2. Roadmap for the full school return     
  3. DE Letter to primary schools 01.08. 20
  4. DES Roadmap update including information on face coverings
  5. Covid-19 Response Plan for primary & special schools (editable Word doc)
  6. Supporting the wellbeing of school communities
  7. Maintaining physical distance in the classrooms
  8. Illustrative primary classroom layouts  Illustrative SEN classroom layouts
  9. Primary curriculum guidance on return to school
  10. DE recording & reporting Covid-19 pupil related absences
  11. DE update requirements on Child Protection Oversight Report (CPOR) to BOM
  12. Circular 0045/2020 Covid-19 operational supports for the full return to school
  13. Circular 0054/2020 – Covid-19 arrangements for ancillary staff/bus escorts
  14. Info Note 0002/2020 – Filling leadership & management posts during COVID-19
  15. Info Note 0003/2020 – Filling SNA vacancies during Covid-19
  16. Info Note 0005/2020 Teacher job sharing scheme changes permitting substitute work
  17. Info Note 0006/2020 Reduced timelines for advertising & interview notice for tr/principal/d. principal (open comp) positions
  18. Info Note 0007/2020 Career break teachers lifting of restrictions on substitution
  19. Info Note 0008/2020 Substitution & EPV days revised arrangements
  20. Info Note 0009/2020 Extension of the Employee Assistance Service (EAS)
  21. Info Note 00010/2020-Partial Return to Work for SNAs
  22. PPE, consumables and equipment guidance    PPE & consumables supply user guide
  23. Staff self-declaration form Covid-19                   Pupil declaration form Covid-19
  24. Training for reopening schools                            Posters for reopening of schools
  25. FAQs on Reopening of schools 11.09.20
  26. Return to school prayers for primary schools and Staff prayer
  27. Guidance for supporting primary pupils at very high risk
  28. Dealing with suspected & confirmed COVID-19 cases in primary schools HSE & HSPC guidance
  29. Wellbeing resources to support return to school
  30. Wellbeing supports for school communities as schools reopen
  31. HSE information for parents    Informing parents/guardians in event of suspected/confirmed Covid-19 case in school setting
  32. Schools pathway document for Covid-19 – CPSMA guidance note 
  33. DE supporing collaboration with primary school parents
  34. Return to educational facility pupil declaration form
  35. Cover letter schools communication pack English                             Cover letter schools communication pack Gaeilge
  36. Covid-19 Schools community testing pathway FAQ for Schools     Cosan Tastala COVID-19 do Phobail Scoile CC Do Scoileanna
  37. Excel Template Sheet School Community Covid 19 Pathway Data & Referral
  38. Contacts for Covid-19 Schools
  39. Principal advice if notified of a positive case of Covid-19
  40. Parent guide: if your child is a close contact of Covid-19 in school
  41. Recording and reporting Covid-19 primary pupil related absences
  42. Covid-19 guidance regarding SNAs supporting children with additional care needs
  43. Teaching Council guidance note for school placement 2020
  44. Letter to school principals on return to school 2nd Nov      Letter to school principals return to school 02.11.20 Gaeilge
  45. App form claims for sub hours under Circular 45 Section 5.4
  46. Updated ventilation in schools guidance V2
  47. Supporting parental collaboration in primary schools
  48. Update requirements – Child Protection Oversight Report to BOM
  49. Arrangements for end of term – Christmas 12.20

Pre-Return to School September 2020

  1. CPSMA Submission on the return to school September 2020 08.20
  2. HSE/HPSC Interim recommendations for the reopening of schools and educational facilities June 2020
  3. Statement of attendance form work around for schools June 2020
  4. Statement of attendance form June 2020
  5. Droichead Covid-19 interim measures June 2020
  6. Droichead Covid-19 Guidelines for-PSTs June 2020
  7. Droichead Covid-19 Guidelines for NQTs June 2020
  8. DE Centralised provision of laptops during Covid-19 doc 1
  9. DE Centralised provision of laptops during Covid-19 doc 2
  10. DE Centralised provision of laptops during Covid-19 doc 3
  11. DE Centralised provision of laptops during Covid-19 doc 4
  12. DE Assistance for schools having difficulty making contact with pupils in Direct Provision Centres
  13. DE Notice re SNA reassignment scheme May 2020
  14. HSE Briefing Note on SNA temporary reassignment scheme March 2020
  15. CPSMA Guidance Note in relation to temporary SNA reassignment scheme
  16. CPSMA template letter for SNAs re temporary reassignment scheme
  17. CPSMA template follow up email-to-SNAs
  18. CPSMA Template letter for DE paid ancillary staff re temp reassignment scheme
  19. DE Notice on applications for SEN school transport during Covid-19
  20. RO arratais d’iompar Riachtanais Speisialta Oideachais (RSO) le linn tréimhse sriantaí Covid-19
  21. DE Notice on continuing school administration during school closure period
  22. DE Notice on deferral of implementation of SNA front loading model
  23. School Meals Scheme during Covid-19 & associated links
  24. DPC Guidance on protecting personal data while working remotely
  25. DE Guidance on supporting pupils at risk during school closure period
  26. CPSMA Guidance on contractual & employment issues arising from Covid-19
  27. DE Guidance on accessing schools from 18.05.20

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