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Toolkit – Reconnecting With Parents Webinar, Podcast & Resources

17th February 2022 | News, What's New

This toolkit includes a variety of resources which may be of interest following our Board of Management training webinar titled Reconnecting With Parents: meeting the challenges and reaping the benefit, which was hosted on Thursday 17th February 2022.


CPSMA Reconnecting With Parents Webinar and Podcast:

Webinar – Reconnecting with Parents Webinar

Podcast – CPSMA 18 min Podcast – Parental Complaint Procedure Case Studies

Presentation Slides – Reconnecting with Parents Presentation Slides


Resources and links to assist schools:

Boards of Management

BoM 2019-2023 Governance Manual and election of parent nominees

Parent Associations

Working effectively as a parent association (National Parents Council – Primary)

A guide to best practice between parent associations and the school principal (NPC & IPPN)

FSSU Guidance Note – Good Financial Governance and the Parents’ Association – Financial Guideline P10 – 2017/2018

Parental Complaints Procedure

Parental Complaints Procedure


The role of the Parent in Schools and Legislation

Primary School Supports for Parents

Curriculum guidance at all levels – National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA)

Parent information leaflets – National Parents Council (NPC) (Primary)

Online/in person training on a range of areas for parents -National Parents Council (NPC) (Primary)

Support for parents of children with additional needs – National Education Psychological Service (NEPS)

Support for parents of children with additional needs National Council for Special Education (NCSE)

Tusla Education Welfare Service – Role of the Parent FAQs





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