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Urgent – Closing date for Natural Gas Competition

20th June 2013 | News

The National Procurement Service (NPS) has announced details of a new
‘Natural Gas Competition’for primary schools. The NPS (shortly
to become the Office of
  Government Procurement OGP) is the body tasked by the Government with
centralising public sector procurement arrangements for common goods and
services and details on further contracts and frameworks available to public
sector buyers is available from its website

Boards that have registered on  over the last number of months will have their details [as
per registration form] forwarded by CPSMA to the NPS on Monday June 24th.

Boards that have not registered and would like to do so, are asked to
register using the registration facility in the cost savings section of by 16:00 on Monday June 24
th.The final decision regarding inclusion in the competition rests
with the NPS. Where difficulties arise, the NPS will liaise directly with
the individual board.

Boards should note that the NPS will issue contracts
by e-mail in September 2013 . It is essential that the email address supplied by the board is accessible
by the School Principal or a member of staff who is aware of the Natural
Gas competition and with
appropriate authorityto sign the contracts. NPS Natural Gas contracts
operate for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 2 years duration. Boards
will have ‘ten days’ from date of issue of contract to return a signed
contract to the NPS.

Boards should note that a date for the next electricity competition is
awaited. CPSMA will continue to make representations on behalf of its members
to the NPS regarding the delay in running a second competition and the
consequent effect this is having financially and otherwise for members.


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