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Update Vetting FAQs

14th October 2016 | What's New

The Department of Education and Skills has issued an update on outstanding vetting queries, as raised by CPSMA on behalf of school management.

The updated FAQ [Questions 17, 18 & 19] addresses the following concerns:

  1. Student Teachers’ Teaching Practice Placement.

Boards should note that student teachers who commenced their Initial Teaching Education after April 29th 2016 are not covered by this provision.

The D.E.S. are seeking further clarification on this issue.

  1. Members of the Inspectorate and the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS).
  2. HSE vaccination teams and Tusla Staff

Further clarification is awaited in respect of sports’ coaches and Transition Year students and we will notify members of additional guidance as soon as it issues from the DES.


Updated Vetting FAQ (13th October 2016) can be accessed here

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