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Update on forthcoming Statutory Vetting arrangements

1st February 2016 | What's New

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) has published an update in relation to Vetting requirements which sets out, inter alia, the following;


  • While the finalised timeline for commencement of the Vetting Act is not yet known, the Department is confirming to school authorities and registered teachers that Circular 0063/2010 will continue to apply at least up to the date on which schools close for the Easter 2016 break i.e. 16th March 2016


  • Until the Vetting Act is commenced, the existing vetting requirements of Circular 0063/2010 continue to apply.    


  • Boards of Management are reminded that any appointments (teaching and non-teaching) being made up to and including 16th March 2016 must fully comply with the requirements of Circular 0063/2010.


  • Department Circular 0026/2015 advised schools on the advance preparations and actions to be taken by all school authorities by 31 July 2015 so as to facilitate, as far as possible, a smooth transition to the forthcoming statutory vetting requirements. 


  • The current position is that the amendments to the Vetting Act have been brought before the Oireachtas in the current session (Spring 2016) and it is expected that following their enactment, the Vetting Act will then be commenced at the earliest opportunity.


  • In the meantime, schools and teachers have at least until 16 March 2016 to undertake these advance preparations and actions.


  • Boards of Management are also advised to refer to the regular updates at for the latest position in relation to the forthcoming statutory vetting requirements, including the timeline for commencement of the Vetting Act. The next update will be published by the DES on Friday 19th February, 2016.

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