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Safety Information from ESB Networks

19th February 2014 | News

The Department of Education and Skills has been asked by the National Emergency Co-ordinating Committee dealing with the Severe Weather events to bring the following safety information issued by ESB Networks to the attention of school management.

To School Principals and Chief Executives of Education and Training Boards

ESB Networks wish to alert schools to the potential for children to be seriously hurt during the midterm by playing or going near fallen wires or damaged equipment, particularly in the vicinity of schools that might still be used during the midterm break.

Also, the use of private generators is causing concerns for the ESB where these are not properly installed during unsupervised clean up operations that could potentially put those involved at risk, including ESB repair crews working on lines were this may cause a mains feedback. These issues are specifically mentioned in the various ESB updates published on their website at

If there are any issues regarding electrical damage to supply to schools they should contact the ESB helplines as per the website above.

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