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Primary Online Database (POD)

17th September 2013 | News

Primary Online Database (POD)

CPSMA, in ongoing representations to the Department of Education & Skills, has highlighted the significant administrative burden on schools.  CPSMA is now engaged in detailed consultations with the Department regarding the development of an online database for primary school pupils. This is a most welcome development, which will facilitate the management of pupil data from enrolment at primary level, through to transfer to second level. When fully operational, the Primary Online Database (POD) will replace the Primary Annual Census Return.  CPSMA is urging the Department to ensure that schools who wish to do so, will be able to use POD as a one stop shop for all school administration, including the various returns which have to be made etc. 

The Annual Census Return for 2013/2014 will be published shortly on the Department’s website. This year, it includes an optional question aimed at measuring the extent to which administration software is used in schools. We urge all schools to complete this optional question as the response will provide the Department with data that will inform the development of the POD. 

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