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Panels 2013 – latest update

1st May 2013 | News

The DES has issued the update below regarding the panels.

Update on Teacher Allocations and Redeployment Panels at primary level for 2013/14 school year – Position @ 30 April 2013 Teacher Allocations and redeployment of surplus permanent/CID holding teachers

Department Circular 13/2013 was published in February 2013 and it set out the staffing arrangements for primary schools for the 2013/14 school year. At this stage, the teacher allocation process is largely finalised for most schools.

The main redeployment panels have now been issued to the relevant Panel Operators. There are currently a total of 173 surplus permanent/CID holding teachers remaining on panels for redeployment to vacancies in other schools. Click here for the latest summary list for each of the individual redeployment panels. Please note that the next update of this summary list will be published on the Department website on Tuesday 14 May 2013.

Further names will be added to these panels and it is anticipated that the overall final total will be in the range of 400 to 450 surplus permanent/CID holding teachers. Schools are reminded that the redeployment of all surplus permanent teachers is key to the Department’s ability to manage within its payroll budget and ceiling on teacher numbers.

Schools with vacancies are now required to immediately commence the process of filling their vacancies from the list of surplus permanent/CID holding teachers on the redeployment panels. The timeframe for the school led redeployment process is to 31 May 2013.

Given that the teacher allocation process for the 2013/14 school year is largely completed for many primary schools, the target is for the vast bulk of the redeployment of surplus permanent teachers to be done by 31 May 2013 during the school led process. Throughout the redeployment process the Department will be liaising closely with the Panel Operators in relation to progress on clearing panels in a timely manner. Panel Officers will be appointed after 31 May 2013. The Panel Officer process will commence with the school of the same patronage that is located nearest to the school with the surplus teacher.

Schools are also reminded that they are not permitted to commence a recruitment process to fill a permanent or fixed term teaching vacancy in any other manner until the Department is satisfied that vacant positions are not required for redeployment of any remaining permanent /CID holding teachers on a main panel. The timing of when teaching vacancies can be filled in any other manner will depend on how quickly permanent/CID holding teachers are redeployed into vacancies. The Department will publish regular panel updates on its website which will inform schools and teachers of progress being made on the redeployment of permanent /CID holding teachers.

Click here for the FAQ document – Redeployment Arrangements for Surplus Permanent and CID Holding Teachers which reflects the various revisions that have been made over recent years to the redeployment panel arrangements. It supersedes the Panel Booklet for Teachers that was last updated in 2005.

Supplementary panels for 2013/14 school year

Supplementary panels will be circulated at a later stage and will be used to fill remaining permanent vacancies that are not required for the redeployment of surplus permanent/CID holding teachers.

This process will commence when the redeployment process for the surplus permanent/CID holding teachers is concluded.

The Department received over 1,700 applications from fixed-term, part-time and substitute teachers for inclusion on supplementary panels. The Department is nearing completion of the initial checking process on these applications and expects to provisionally place up to 1,200 teachers on the Supplementary Panels. Teachers who applied for inclusion on the supplementary panels have been notified by the Department of the outcome of their applications.

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