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Panel Update 25 April

28th April 2014 | News

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) issued an update on the redeployment panels on 25 April 2014. There are currently 98 surplus permanent/CID holding teachers on the
panels for redeployment to vacancies in other schools. It is expected
the DES will issue a further update of the summary lists for each of the
main redeployment panels on Wednesday 07 May 2014.  It is also expected the DES will issue the list of the supplementary panels with the update of 07 May 2014.

A Letter of Offer should be issued to all
teachers being offered a position in the school from the panel. A template letter of offer for a panel appointment is available in the “Appointment” section of
CPSMA website.

  Redeployment Panels latest Update – 25 April 2014    

  Summary list for each of the individual main redeployment panel     – 25 April 2014

FAQ Panel Document 

 Panel Update Form

Primary Teacher Appointment Form 2014/2015

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