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NCSE Resource Applications 2014/2015

7th March 2014 | News

The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) has confirmed Wednesday 26th March as the latest date for applications for Teaching resources for mainstream schools for the 2014/1015 school year. Click on the link below to access NCSE website for the guidelines for mainstream school applications and application forms. A separate guideline for Special Schools will issue shortly.

Key Dates / points

  • Schools to submit leavers form to SENO if not already done so. A copy may be obtained from the NCSE website
  • 26th March 2014: Schools to submit applications for teaching and SNA supports to SENO
  • May – NCSE issue of decisions to schools in relation to additional resource teaching hours
  • June – NCSE issue of decisions to schools in relation to SNA supports for 2014/2015
  • September – schools to confirm to SENOs that pupils in respect of whom supports were allocated are attending school

NCSE website

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