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NCSE Allocation of Resource Teaching Hours

14th November 2012 | News

13 November 2012: The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) today announced that a further â’¬28m has been provided for additional teaching and care supports for children with special educational needs. These supports are in addition to the supports previously sanctioned by the NCSE in June for the 2012/2013 school year and are for children who have been assessed since then or who may have moved school in recent months. 

Resource Teaching Support

This additional investment in special education means that a further 430 additional resource teaching posts have been allocated to approximately 1,700 schools.     

Ms Teresa Griffin, Chief Executive of the NCSE said:  

‘We are very pleased to have sanctioned these additional teaching posts. We support an inclusive education system that enables pupils with special educational needs to achieve their potential and some children need additional teaching support. These additional teaching and care supports for children bring the total investment in resource teaching hours and special needs assistant support to approximately â’¬685m for the 2012/2013 school year.’ 

Special Needs Assistant (SNA) Support:
Since schools have reopened in September, the NCSE has allocated an additional 103 SNA posts to over 190 schools. This is in addition to over 10,300 posts that were allocated in June 2012. There are now over 10,400 SNA posts in mainstream and special schools to meet the significant care needs of over 22,000 children. 

The NCSE confirmed that it is still in a position to respond to urgent applications for SNA support that may arise later in the school year. Up to 10,575 posts are available for allocation in the school year.  

Details relating to the overall level of resource teaching and SNA support for each school in the country are available on the NCSE website and the Resource Teaching Hours and SNA allocations can be found here. 

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