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Gas Savings Update-Urgent

7th November 2012 | News

If your school registered recently for ‘Gas Savings’ through the CPSMA website then what follows is important and urgent.

The National Procurement Service now require you to e-mail the name and contact e-mail details of the person on your Board of Management [Chairperson preferably] who will sign the contract on behalf of the school with the gas supplier, should your Board of Management decide to accept the offer. 

These details should be e-mailed to Aidan Cox [NPS] at [email protected] (046 – 942 6823) or [email protected], (046 – 942 6534) on/before Wednesday November 14th.

Contracts will be forwarded to you by e-mail. Contracts should be signed and returned to Aidan or Teresa before December 13th 2012.  

Queries pertaining to Gas Savings Contracts should be directed to Aidan Cox or Teresa Collins.

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