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DES to Launch “Action Plan for Bullying”

21st January 2013 | News

The Department of Education and Skills has today (21st January, 2013) announced it’s intention to unveil an “Action Plan for Bullying” this week. One of the key features of this “Action Plan” is a bullying report template which will oblige schools to keep a formal record of bullying incidents. 
The “Action Plan” also provides for a national anti-bullying website which will provide information for schools, teachers, parents, and pupils in the different types of bullying and how to deal with them as well as links to useful anti bullying resources. 
The “Action Plan” will also include new guidelines for schools in how to record and react to complaints of bullying. 
The “Action Plan” has a budget of €500,000 this year according to the DES and arises from recommendations of a working group comprising representatives of the Department of Education and Skills and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

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