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DEIS Plan 2017 – Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools

13th February 2017 | What's New

The Minister for Education and Skills has launched the Department’s “DEIS Plan 2017”.

The Plan builds on the experiences of existing DEIS schools and draws on international best practice.  It sets out new targets to:

  • Further improve literacy and numeracy
  • Improve school completion rates
  • Improve progression to further and higher education

109 schools will receive additional resources, including:

  • 15 New DEIS Schools – at Urban Band 1 level (Primary)
  • 30 Existing DEIS Schools at Urban Band 2,  moving to Urban Band 1 level
  • 51 New DEIS Rural Schools (Primary)
  • 13 New Post Primary DEIS Schools

Click here for DEIS Plan 2017

Click here for the New DEIS Schools List

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