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CPSMA Top Ten Queries – September 2022

6th September 2022 | News

We have received a large volume of queries on a number of areas in the last number of weeks. Please find below our recent publication highlighting the top ten queries received and support for schools in each area.

CPSMA Top Ten Queries September 2022

Links to Resources referenced in Top Ten Queries

1.Should schools be operating their COVID-19 Response Plan this year ?



5.What are the notice requirements for recruitment of teachers/ SNAs ?

Circular 0044-2019 Recruitment, Promotion and Leadership for Registered Teachers in Primary Schools

7. How do I cover a vacancy left by a teacher who has left my school, pending recruitment of a replacement teacher ?


8.Where can I find out about leave and substitution entitlements ?

Circular 0032-2007 Brief Absences for teachers

Circular 0032-2010 Brief Absences for SNAs

Clarification in relation to substitution arrangements for Self-Certified Sick-Leave and Force Majeure

Circular 0038-2022 Updated Working Arrangements for Teachers and SNAs

9.What are schools required to do in relation to school secretaries this year ?

Circular 0036-2022 Revision of Salaries and Annual Leave Arrangements for School Secretaries

10.What supports are available for Ukrainian children in my school ?

Realt Team Contact Details Nationwide

Application for EAL support for Ukrainian pupils for the 2022-2023 school year

Iarratas ar Thacaíocht Teanga do dhaltaí Úcránacha don chuid eile den scoilbhliain 2022-23

Supporting Ukrainian students with special educational needs



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