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CPSMA Health and Safety Webinar 13th June 2022

13th June 2022 | News, What's New

CPSMA Health and Safety Webinar 13th June 2022

CPSMA is pleased to launch a second Health & Safety webinar, devised to assist Boards of Management in an end of year review of its safety, health and welfare management system, and to provide advice and support for the system’s ongoing maintenance and implementation.

The webinar focuses on the practical application of a risk assessment, as well as guidance in relation to First Aid provisions in schools.

Allianz Risk Assessment – Office & Staffroom

Allianz Risk Assessment – Classroom

Allianz Risk Assessment – School Grounds

Allianz Risk Assessment – Sports Hall and Corridors

Health and Safety Authority: First Aid FAQs

Guidelines on Managing Safety, Health and Welfare in Primary Schools

Allianz Primary School Risk Assessment Publication


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