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Allocation of Resource Teaching Hours to Students with Down Syndrome

30th March 2015 | News

  • The decision by the Minister for Education & Skills to allocate additional teaching resources to students with Down Syndrome applies to students for whom schools have not already been allocated Low Incidence Teaching Hours.
  • Schools should complete the Application Form, which is available on the NCSE website (news page) and forward it to their SENO by Friday 17th April.
  • The application form must be accompanied by a professional report which confirms a diagnosis of Down Syndrome (e.g. a medical report). It is not envisaged that a new updated report should be completed specifically for the purpose of the submission of an application for support.
  • The DES has determined that an allocation of 2.5 hours per week will be granted in respect of each qualifying student. It is envisaged that these hours will be included in the decisions, which will issue to schools for the 2015/16 school year.
  • Any further queries should be made to the local SENO.
  • A copy of the Minister’s Press Release is available on the NCSE website

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