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19th August 2020 | News, What's New

  1. HSE & HPSC interim recommendations for the reopening of schools and education facilities
  2. Roadmap for the Full Return to School
  3. Covid-19 Response Plan for Primary & Special Schools (Editable Word Document)
  4. Supporting the wellbeing of school communities as schools reopen
  5. Maintaining Physical Distance in the Classroom
  6. Illustrative primary classroom layouts
  7. Illustrative SEN Classroom layouts as referenced in the Roadmap for the Full Return to School
  8. Return to school primary curriculum guidance
  9. Circular 0045/2020 COVID-19 operational supports for the full return to school
  10. DES Roadmap Update including information on face coverings
  11. Information Note TTC 0005/2020 Changes to teacher job sharing scheme permitting substitute work when rostered off duty
  12. Information Note TTC 0006/2020 on reduced timelines for advertising & interview notice for teaching & principal/deputy principal (open comp) positions
  13. Information Note TTC 0007/2020 lifting of restrictions on substitution for for career break teachers
  14. Guidance for primary and special schools on PPE, consumables and equipment
  15. PPE & consumables supply user guide
  16. Information Note 0008/2020 Revised arrangements for substitution and EPV days
  17. Circular 0049/2020 – Covid-19 arrangements for Teachers & SNAs
  18. Circular 0054/2020 – Covid-19 arrangements for ancillary staff/bus escorts
  19. Covid-19-Self Declaration
  20. Training for reopening schools
  21. Posters for reopening of schools
  22. Reopening our schools FAQs Published 11_09_2020
  23. Return to school prayers for primary schools
  24. Staff Prayer
  25. Guidance for supporting Primary Pupils at Very High Risk
  26. Information from HSE for parents
  27. HSE & HSPC Guidance on dealing with suspected & confirmed Covid-19 cases in primary schools
  28. Briefing Note resources to support wellbeing Return to School Sept 2020 FINAL
  29. Supporting the Wellbeing of School Communities as Schools Reopen Guidance for Schools
  30. Informing Parents/Guardians of steps to be taken in the event of a suspected/confirmed case of Covid-19 in a School Setting 
  31. Schools Pathway Document for Covid- 19 – CPSMA Guidance Note 
  32. Return to Educational Facility declaration form.pdf
  33. Cover Letter Schools Communication Pack English                             Cover Letter Schools Communication Pack Gaeilge
  34. COVID19 Schools Community Testing Pathway FAQ for Schools     Cosan Tastala COVID19 do Phobail Scoile CC Do Scoileanna
  35. Excel Template Sheet School Community Covid 19 Pathway Data & Referral
  36. Contacts for COVID 19 Schools
  37. Guidance on remote learning in a Covid-19 context:September-December 2020
  38. COVID-19 guidance for schools regarding SNAs supporting children with additional care needs
  39. Teaching Council Guidance Note for School Placement 2020
  40. Information Note TTC 0009/2020 Extension of the Employee Assistance Service (EAS)
  41. Information Note Note TTC  00010/2020-Partial Return to Work for SNAs-2020.21
  42. Letter to School Principals on return to school 2nd Nov      Letter to School Principals return to school 2nd Nov Gaeilge
  43. Parent’s Guide: if your child is a close contact of COVID-19 in school
  44. Advice for School Principals if notified of a positive case of COVID-19.
  45. App Form for Claims for Substitute Hours under Circular 45 Section 5.4


         Webinar on Reopening of Schools 









  Schools Pathway for Covid-19: a webinar hosted by CPSMA

Webinar Segments – Schools Pathway for COVID 19 



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