Procedures Governing the Appointment of Staff in Schools

CPSMA is pleased to announce the launch of “Procedures Governing the Appointment of Staff in Schools” – the first National Board of Management Training module to be delivered online. This e-learning facility has been developed on behalf of our Primary School Management partners, and with the support of the Teacher Education Section of the Department of Education and Skills.

Although there may be some overlap in the different procedures, as many of the provisions are common to all, this module is divided into separate procedural sections, for ease of navigation.

For any specific recruitment queries, Boards of Management should contact their relevant school management body.

As this training module has been developed for a range of platforms and browsers, you will notice that the layout and viewing experience change to suit the device and platform you’re using. So for example, if viewing on mobile, the front page re-arranges to stack up the sections rather than present side by side.

So, if using a PC/Laptop, please ensure you maximise your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) for the best viewing experience.

The module can be accessed through CPSMA’s homepage and requires a school roll number to access the training resources, or simply click here.